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Collection Infinito Cassina

Modular bookcase composed of vertical elements, container with doors, container with flap and shelves available in two dierent depths. The vertical elements, fixed using pressure between floor and ceiling, oer the option to adjust the height from 268 cm (105.5”) to 290 cm (114.2”); a series of holes allows the option to fix containers and shelves at di—erent heights. Finish available in American walnut, natural ashwood or ashwood stained black.

Infinito, as in the never-ending possibilities of this modular bookcase designed to add order to any space. With one basic unit modular unit that can be repeated over and over: two extra-light struts, each made from four support bars, onto which shelves or storage units can be fixed. The bookcase also works as a screen partitioning o dierent areas of any interior and has no need to be fixed to the wall.
CassinaComo is a showroom located in Como (Italy) born from a close collaboration between Cassina and Gerosa Design.

It shows a wide range of Cassina Collection and it’s a main reference of Cassina on the national territory (Como, Milan, Varese, Lecco and Monza and Brianza) and internationally (Switzerland, European Union, United States, Asia ...) in order to know and purchase Cassina products.

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