The Cassina Perspective

From innovation to icons, Cassina’s values in the home

A philosophy. A concept. A new catalogue and a new advertising campaign on its way.
All to recount Cassina’s perspective: avant-gardism, authenticity, excellence and the combination of technological capacity with skilled handcraftsmanship. In more than 90 years, Cassina’s identity has been built on solid values to express the best of Italian and international design with a clear, recognisable and cultured message.
The Cassina Perspective develops this conscious and futuristic approach with a broad and detailed panorama of configurations for the home where innovative products and Modern icons come together to create complete and, above all, welcoming environments, dialoguing according to a unique design code based on excellence.

Cassina Milan, a perspectival cornerstone interpreted by Patricia Urquiola

During the Milan Design Week, the Cassina Milan Showroom is the epitome of The Cassina Perspective with an installation curated by the company’s Art Director Patricia Urquiola.
The store windows have been transformed with a blue perspectival grid that envelops part of the showroom, both on the floor and partially on the walls. In this area the first two living situations feature the new collections by Rodolfo Dordoni on one side and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec on the other.
A large screen, like a theatrical setting, closes the first part of the window area with a drawing by Le Corbusier created for Chandigarh, the Indian city that he conceived between 1951 and 1956 where Cassina is supporting a research to better understand the origins of this architectural project. Developed in 3D, this drawing is the background from which four videos come to life to tell the story of the embracing Back-Wing armchair by Patricia Urquiola, the CAB family by Mario Bellini, the Cotone sofas by the Bouroullec brothers and the elegant Dress-Up! sofa by Rodolfo Dordoni.
Digital lives in a physical reality, together with the products, in a ‘perspectives’ of concepts.

The grid continues and accompanies the visitor to the central area where a ‘diorama’ has been created, that is a scenography that develops in a circular space that corresponds with the sculptural staircase and dome. This panorama is inspired by the homes photographed for the new catalogue where new products are mixed together in everyday situations enriched by the Cassina icons. Depending on one’s position, from the living room to the dining room, the visitors’ perspective constantly changes.

While in the Sala delle Colonne, at the back of the showroom, an ambience from Chandigarh has been recreated to present four new products developed by the Cassina Research and Development Centre as a Hommage à Pierre Jeanneret: a chair, a chair with armrests, an armchair and a table. This project testimonies the company’s desire for research, to explore the works of the great architects and convert their knowledge into contemporary products.

The surrounding rooms on the other hand reconstruct real settings photographed for the new catalogue where complete living and dining areas are presented in rooms with wooden boiserie and marble floors and a fine selection by Federica Sala/PS of contemporary artworks that are available for purchase.

Video by DesignBest

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