The Cassina Perspective 2021

From innovation to icons, Cassina’s values in the home

A philosophy. A concept. A new catalogue and a new advertising campaign on its way.
All to recount Cassina’s perspective: avant-gardism, authenticity, excellence and the combination of technological capacity with skilled handcraftsmanship. In more than 90 years, Cassina’s identity has been built on solid values to express the best of Italian and international design with a clear, recognisable and cultured message.
The Cassina Perspective develops this conscious and futuristic approach with a broad and detailed panorama of configurations for the home where innovative products and Modern icons come together to create complete and, above all, welcoming environments, dialoguing according to a unique design code based on excellence.

For more information about our proposals don't hesitate to contact us:      (+39) 031 270774 / (+39) 031 480476